Code of Conduct

Roles of the Faculty Members

The faculty members shall have the following responsibilities

Academic Responsibilities

  1. Class Room and Laboratory instruction
  2. Developing learning resource material for classroom and lab
  3. Student assessment & evaluation including examination work of
  4. Participation in co-curricular & extra-curricular
  5. Continuing Education
  6. Self-development through upgrading qualifications. Also, Updating with the latest developments in the area of his/her specialization and sharing the same with the students.

Research and Development responsibilities.

  1.  Shall do research and publish its findings in peer-reviewed journals and conferences.
  2. Shall collaborate with industry for sponsored
  3. Shall strive for Consultancy and Testing
  4. Shall proactively promote Industry -institution

Administrative responsibilities

  1. Provide guidance and support to student technical and nontechnical committees both at the departmental and institutional level
  2. Shall discharge duties in respect of class teacher, laboratory in-charge and infrastructure in charge.
  3. Shall organize and participate in staff development activities.
  4. Shall involve and assist in institute activities like accreditations, ranking surveys, admission assistance, etc.
  5. Shall assist institute administration in student/staff compliance committees related to unfair means, ragging, gender-based harassment, etc.
  6. Shall actively involve in examination related responsibilities such as junior /senior supervisor/chief conductor etc.

All staff members are expected to contribute positively in the academic activities and administration with utmost commitment and dedication. Faculty members are also expected to contribute to Community Social Responsibility activities.

Qualifications & experience

The minimum qualifications, experience and other requirements of the faculty members at various levels shall be as follows:

Program & Cadre



Engg/Tech Assistant Professor

BE / B Tech and ME / M Tech in relevant subject with First Class or equivalent either in BE / B Tech or ME / M Tech

2 years of relevant Experience is desirable.

Engg/Tech Management


Associate Professor

Qualification as above that is for the post of Assistant Professor, as applicable and Ph.D. or equivalent, in an appropriate discipline


Post Ph.D. publications and

guiding Ph.D. student is highly desirable.

Minimum of 5 years experience in teaching and/or research and/or industry of which at least 2 years shall be post Ph.D. is desirable.

Engg/Tech Management



Qualifications as above that are for the post of Associate Professor, as applicable.


Post PhD publications and guiding PhD students is highly desirable

minimum of 10 years teaching and/or research and/or industrial experience of which at least 5 years should be at the level of Associate Professor.


minimum of 13 years experience in teaching and/ or Research and/or Industry.


In case of research experience, good academic record and books/research paper publications/IPR/patents record shall be required as deemed fit by the expert members in the Selection committee. If the experience in the industry is considered, the same shall be at managerial level

equivalent to Associate Professor with active participation record in devising/designing, planning, executing, analyzing, quality control, innovating, training, technical books/research paper publications/IPR/patents, etc. as deemed fit by the expert members

in Selection committee.


Engg/Tech Management Adjunct Faculty

 Masters degree in relevant field  As deemed fit

Humanities & Science


Assistant Professor
Masters degree with first class in the relevant subject  

 Conditions stated above shall be subject to change as per the latest norms by Univerisity,  governing body/authorities.


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