Green Practices

Solar Energy

It is the need of the hour to reduce the burden on the planet earth for energy requirements generated from the conventional energy methods. The conventional energy generation methods are polluting the environment and depleting the natural resources, which are already scarce, at a faster rate than before. Now it is in the best interest of humanity to search and tap alternative energy resources that are green and e_cient. Institute is very sensitive to energy issues and responded to it positively. Institute has installed Solar Panel as an alternate energy initiative in the academic year 2017-2018. The daily generation report is attached as proof. The total power consumption is calculated based on the attached monthly bill.

Rainwater Harvesting

The provision of sufficient amount of drinking and sanitation water is a major challenge, due to changes in environmental conditions, for humankind in the near future. So every attempt should be made to reuse available water with the help of advancement in technology. Institute has taken proactive steps in this direction by recharging and augmenting groundwater reservoirs. A low-cost solution to this water crisis is employed to solve, though to a limited extent, by collecting and storing rainwater. Rainwater harvesting system is implemented as per the concept and design submitted by Rainwater harvesting consultant


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