Go Green Project

Solar energy is our earth's primary source of renewable energy. It is a form of energy radiated by the sun, including light, radio waves, and X rays, although the term usually refers to the visible light of the sun. As oil prices have gone up and other energy sources remain limited, nations are increasingly searching for safe, reliable long-term sources of power. In this scenario, solar energy proves to be an abundant energy source that can be put to use. Electricity generation from solar energy at present is no more a new concept to the world. Solar Energy will play a great role in the times to come in the present energy-driven civilization. Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering has taken a Conscious decision to go ahead with this go green project, to begin with, for40 KWp Rooftop Solar Power.

  • Solar electricity is being clean (pollution-free), silent, limitless and free.
  • Generate electricity using photovoltaic solar cells.
  • Approved by Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA) (Govt. of Maharashtra Institution)
  • Net metering connection with Reliance
  • On-line monitoring procedure for the actual energy generation and the pattern.
  • Puncturless, sound, and waterproof rooftop for installation of the Solar PV cell



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