Department of Electronics & Computer Science - Faculty Members.

Dr. Sapna Prabhu
Professor & HeadDr. Sapna Prabhu
Areas of interest:
Microprocessor system design, Embedded systems, Internet Of Things, Biomedical instrumentation, Computer Architecture
Dr. Deepak Bhoir
Professor & Controller of ExaminationDr. Deepak Bhoir
Areas of interest:
Instrumentation, Biomedical Instrumentation, Virtual Instrumentation, VLSI Design ,MEMS , Automation
Ms. Shilpa Patil
Assistant ProfessorMs. Shilpa Patil
Areas of interest:
Digital Electronics, Power Electronics
Ms. Binsy Joseph
Assistant ProfessorMs. Binsy Joseph
M.E., (Pursuing PhD)
Areas of interest:
Power electronics, Electrial Vehicle Battery Management, Renewable Energy System
Ms. Dipali Koshti
Assistant ProfessorMs. Dipali Koshti
M.E., (Pursuing PhD)
Areas of interest:
Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Mobile Computing, Soft Computing, Database Management Systems
Mr. Vaibhav Godbole
Assistant ProfessorMr. Vaibhav Godbole
M.E., (Pursuing PhD)
Areas of Interest:
Web Programming, Linux System Administration, Machine Learning, Bio-inspired Computation, Big Data Analytics
Mrs. Archana Lopes
Assistant ProfessorMrs. Archana Lopes
M.E., (Pursuing PhD)
Areas of interest:
Soft Computing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Data structures and algorithms, Discrete structures, Automata theory, Object oriented programming
Mr. Jayen Modi
Assistant ProfessorMr. Jayen Modi
M.E., (Pursuing PhD)
Areas of interest: Electronic Devices & Circuits, Signal Conditioning Circuit Design, Control Systems Engineering, Instrumentation Systems, Industrial Automation & Process Control, Management Information Systems, Project Management
Mrs. Prajakta Bhangale
Assistant ProfessorMrs. Prajakta Bhangale
M.E., (Pursuing PhD)
Areas of interest:
Security, Block Chain Technology, Big data Analysis, Java Programming
Ms. Jeenal Rambhia
Assistant ProfessorMs. Jeenal Rambhia
M.E., (Pursuing PhD)
Areas of interest:
Biomedical Signal Processing, Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence
Mr. Flynn Dennis Jiu
Assistant ProfessorMr. Flynn Dennis Jiu
M.E., Areas of interest:
Image processing, Microprocessors, Embedded systems

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